We’re all friends here. Or at the very least, we have a tremendous amount of respect for each other’s work and talents. There are a lot of people working on this project, from farmers, chefs and restaurant employees to marketing, web, video and PR people, non-profit organizations, wine and beer sellers, and even random people off the internet who are willing to come in on their day off and work at these events for free.

To be honest, it’s pretty damn special.

Nobody here is elitist. Nobody here is taking advantage of anybody else. We’re just a bunch of people who believe that we, as a society, need to be more connected to the land we’re living off of enough to put our time and energy where our mouths are. (We’re also really glad that you’re willing to wander along this road with us.)

Nothing has driven home to me just what this whole experience is about more than the photographs that Scott took of Eric Klein and Mike Phillips at Hidden Stream Farm while they were planning out the June 7th event. It turns out that the story Scott tells with his camera is not about a farmer and a chef, but rather is about two men and their kids.

I hope you enjoy it.  Over the summer we will continue to post stories about these dinners and what’s going on behind the scenes to create them.  Please add us to your RSS feed or keep checking in to find out what’s going on.





Hidden Stream Farm Elgin 027






Hidden Stream Farm Elgin 138


Hidden Stream Farm Elgin 157

Hidden Stream Farm Elgin 156

So, what?  You’re not feeling all warm and fuzzy after that?  You want to know what’s for dinner?  Fine.  Get down with your gastronomic self and check out this video that Bob Seabold made. (I told you we had video people.) Music is “Can’t Count to Four,” by and courtesy of Opposable Thumbs.

All photos are the sole property of Scott Pampuch. You are welcome to share or adapt this work provided you get his permission, credit him and link to this site.