Diners eagerly await the next course: Asher’s Star Prairie Farm trout, duck egg pasta with mint & cilantro jus.

Alex Roberts, the Svengali of duck egg pasta.

Asher’s finished course.

The rain comes down and the umbrellas go up.

But the diner’s remain happy.

Phillip Becht doing a bit of green goddess throw down.

Zoe and Michelle work through rain, shine and both at once!

Jim Grell adding in the fennel.

The finished product from Team Modern: fingerling potato salad with fenel, Northern Lites blue cheese and buttermilk green godess dressing.

And the diners are triumphant with rainbow – or else this man just needs a lot of attention.

And now on to Alex’s braised Thousand Hills beef.

Plates being made up for the army of brown shirts.  You know what?  You can even get your own brown shirt!

Alex’s final dish: porcini & spice rubbed brisket with swiss chard, smoked portobello’s & golden raisin – port wine sauce. (Yum!)

Next up!  Team Gorgeous makes dessert.

Photo Credit: Kris Hase

Scott Pampuch

Dinner Hosts
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Christine, Katlin, Kyndell, Jeff, Ken, Devin, Tracy, Emmy, Amy, Katie, Mark, Michelle, Michelle, Michelle, Kim, and Jeannine.

Many of the volunteers came from Cooking Minnesota.

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