The dinner continues with dessert by Team Gorgeous; Michelle Gayer and Zoe Francois serve up their honey ricotta semifreddo with rosemary shortbread, raspberries, sugared beet chips and beet caramel.

The crowd eagerly awaits…


Michelle Gayer…

sprinkling some salt sugared beets.

Zoe Francois

Asher, Jorge, Michelle and Alex start plating.

The finished product.  Yum.


Zoe knows the diners are going to like it.

I think they do.

Yep, they liked it.




As the sun sets on the Walker the cooks and farmers get a big round of applause.

Thank you all for joining us! We can’t wait to see you in Duluth!

Photo Credit: Kris Hase

Scott Pampuch

Dinner Hosts
Walker Art Center

Featured Chefs
Alex Roberts
Asher Miller
Jim Grell & Phillip Becht
Michelle Gayer
Mike Phillips
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Jorge Guzman

Beer & Wine
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Chris Staples

Christine, Katlin, Kyndell, Jeff, Ken, Devin, Tracy, Emmy, Amy, Katie, Mark, Michelle, Michelle, Michelle, Kim, and Jeannine.

Many of the volunteers came from Cooking Minnesota.

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