Video: Bob Seabold

Music: “Can’t Count to Four,” Opposable Thumbs

Scott Pampuch

Dinner Hosts
Walker Art Center

Featured Chefs
Alex Roberts
Asher Miller
Jim Grell & Phillip Becht
Michelle Gayer
Mike Phillips
Zoe Francois

Assistant Chefs
Jorge Guzman

Beer & Wine
Annette Peters
Chris Staples

Christine, Katlin, Kyndell, Jeff, Ken, Devin, Tracy, Emmy, Amy, Katie, Mark, Michelle, Michelle, Michelle, Kim, and Jeannine.

Many of the volunteers came from Cooking Minnesota.

This video and the footage therein is the sole property of Bob Seabold. You are welcome to share or adapt this work provided you get Bob’s permission, credit Bob and link to this site.