Hey, there, Mr Cow, we were wondering if you might be able to show us a good place to have a dinner here on your farm.  Know any good grassy pastures that we could put about one hundered of our friends and one great chef and have a dinner on a Sunday?

Yea, we have been in barns before, but only if it gets too cold, or is really wet.  We are hearty Minnesotans you know.

Ok, you go back into the field and let the others know we are going to show up on September 20th, for dinner.  You can join us in the field after milking if you like.  We are going to talk with Dave and Florence Minar here at the farm and see if they like the idea.   Dave would like to show us around a bit.

After a lot of talking and walking in the fields of Cedar Summit Farm.  Dave has a great idea of where we thinks we should set our table.  Of course I am asking him a lot of questions about his farm, family and history along the way.



Don’t worry, we won’t bother these young ones.

Alright, we have figured things out.  This dinner is going to be great.  This is where it all started.  Last year with our friends Jim and Leah from Outstanding in the Field.   We will have a different spot this year.  So, for all of you signed up to attend, the welcome letter will be out shortly.  You will get all the details on the dinner, well as much as you will need to know, directions, start time, and how to dress.  We are going to do some walking for this dinner.   Remember these next set of pictures, you will be here.