Welcome to the penultimate Tour de Farm dinner!  Well, folks, we finally did it.  We managed to have one of these dinners without rain! Yea!

Everything about our dinner at Cedar Summit farm was beautiful: the weather, the farm, the field we had the dinner in, the food prepared by Lenny Russo and Scott Pampuch and, of course, the diners. Thank you everyone for making this such a memorable experience.

The guests arrive as the herd watches.

This garden even grows dinner-goers.

Wine, anyone?

Dave Minar kindly gives us a tour of the creamery with their lovely store filled with all kinds of local, sustainable products.

Flo looks on adding things in when she sees fit.

Next we go out to tour the rest of the farm.

The eggs sold at the creamery get made right there.

Next, on to the pigs.  (Yep, there are chicken, pigs and cows on this farm – just like a certain logo we all know and love.)

Photography by
Kris Hase

Scott Pampuch

Dinner Hosts
Cedar Summit Farm : Dave and Flo Minar

Featured Chef
Lenny Russo

Beer & Wine
Annette Peters
Rush River Brewing

Christine, Tracy, Emmy, Michelle, Kim, Trish, Kathy, Jeannine and Ken.

Many of the volunteers came from Cooking Minnesota.

All photos are the sole property of Kris Hase. You are welcome to share or adapt this work provided you get my permission, credit me and link to this site.