Meanwhile, back in the pasture….

the brown shirts are scrambling to get everything together before the diners make their way from the creamery.

This is the best view from a kitchen ever.

The diners come up the long path around the farm, through the woods to be greeted by the chefs for the evening: Lenny Russo and Scott Pampuch.

The guests take their seats.

Scott welcomes the folks once again and provides a bit of insight on what to expect for the evening.

Then he introduces the most important person there, Annette Peters, “the woman who brought the wine,” as the brown shirts begin serving the first course.

First course from Lenny was a sweet corn vichyssoise.  It was yummy.

While the diners eat the crew gets the next course ready.

Second course Scott’s DragSmith Farm salad with northern lights blue cheese.

The crazy lucky diners get both a tasty meal and an amazing sunset view.

Scott’s second course; wild foraged mushroom ragout and Riverbend Farms polenta.

The cows come out as the sun goes down and we still have two courses to go…

Photography by
Kris Hase

Scott Pampuch

Dinner Hosts
Cedar Summit Farm : Dave and Flo Minar

Featured Chef
Lenny Russo

Beer & Wine
Annette Peters
Rush River Brewing

Christine, Devin, Tracy, Emmy, Michelle, Kim, Trish, Kathy, Jeannine and Ken.

Many of the volunteers came from Cooking Minnesota.

All photos are the sole property of Kris Hase. You are welcome to share or adapt this work provided you get my permission, credit me and link to this site.