This dinner started last spring when Scott and I met JD with his wife and daughter at Star Thrower farm owned by Scott and Deborah Pikovsky.  For some reason on these tours our first stop has always been to check out the back-up plan.  The big problem with this back-up plan was that it really looked like it might be better than actual plan.  The barn hadn’t been used in years but it had recently been cleaned out and was ready to hold a hundred diners under it’s cathedral like ceiling for a beautiful autumn meal by candlelight.

We’re not sure about meeting some sheep.  But it might be okay.

After checking out the barn we were off to look at the goods: cheesy goods.

There’s some cheese aging in this here bucket of wine and spices.

Then we got to see some hides curing.

There are plans being made.

And there are games being played.

This lama had a crush on JD.  It just kept following him around.

This was the warm weather plan.  It was a nice plan.  It would have been pretty.  There wasn’t any warm weather.

Then we went to meet some sheep.

Nope,  not on the menu.

She’s beginning to warm up to the sheep.

Then we got to try the cheese.  It would have been great on the menu.

This is the corn crib – the oldest structure on the farm.  I think it’s pretty.

Next up: We set up for dinner.