Welcome to Star Thrower Farm.  This is where we’ll be having dinner tonight.  Aren’t we lucky?

These sheep are a good deal woolier than the last time we saw them.

JD impersonating a lama.

See?  Go back to the picture of JD now.  (It was a great impersonation.)

Men like fire.

Meanwhile, in the barn, Scott directs the set-up.

Guest chefs picking flowers for dinner.

Scott taking the tables and whatnot out to our reception area.

Volunteer Judy, bonding with the guard lama.

Shell’s is the featured brewery for this dinner.  They kindly brought some of their Octoberfest and Pilsner for us.

The brown shirts aren’t looking quite so brown in the cold.

This is going to be puff pasty pizza!

Behold the magic cheese.

The Marti’s finish setting up and get to watch the sheep.

Photography by
Kris Hase

Scott Pampuch

Dinner Hosts
Star Thrower Farm : Scott and Deborah Pikovsky

Featured Chef
JD Fratzke

Beer & Wine
Annette Peters
Schell’s Brewery

Christine, Devin, Tracy, Kyndell, Judy, Catlin, Michelle, Trish, Kathy, Jeannine, Ken and Ken’s mom.

Many of the volunteers came from Cooking Minnesota.

All photos are the sole property of Kris Hase. You are welcome to share or adapt this work provided you get my permission, credit me and link to this site.