I can’t say enough about all the volunteers last year.  They were amazing with dedicating an entire Sunday of their time, and well their patience to the cause of TDF.   Well here we go again.  At this time we are starting to finalize our dates wth farms and I wanted to get the ball rolling on the volunteers.  We are going to be planning a meeting of all the volunteers to get the year started out right.  If you are a returning volunteer, great, you can help the new ones out and learn the ropes.   If this is your first time,  don’t be shy.

1. Send me your name, phone number and months that you are available to volunteer.  scott@tourdefarmmn.com

2. What is your knowledge of what goes on at a TDF dinner?  Did you attend?  How did you find out about TDF. 

3.  Do you have cooking experience or serving experience? 

4.  Transportation:  Can you drive and are you willing to car pool with others on the day of the events.

5.  Anything else you think we need to know. 

We will be contacting everyone with an email about an upcoming date for a all staff meeting.  There we will go over some basics of how a dinner runs, what level of involvement everyone will have and time commitments.  We are really looking forward to a great year.