This is where your food begins and the makings of a great dinner at a new farm this year.

This is a great partner in insect management on the farm. Below: there’s grass managemnt.

Talking with Dean at Tangletown, there are a number of reasons for choosing Scottish Higghland Cattle for their farm.  First thing he said, was that they are great looking animals, which adds to the landscape of the farm.  They are a very hearty breed. 

The weather in the midwest is very harsh and they need animals that will handle the winters.  in the fall, Tangletown will let a number of fields grow grass very think and tall and then during the winter months the cattle will be able to forage for the grass through the snow. 

We weren’t cooking but Msp magazine was doing a photo shoot for their upcoming issue;  hence, the apron and chef coat.  Be sure to check out the June Issue to see the results.

“Ok, you can take our pictures, just stay away from the grass, that is all MINE!”

New on the runway in New York this year is agrarian couture.

New hair style for the youngsters?  Who knew that hair in front of your eyes will actaully keep flies and bugs away and in turn keep you healthier.

Now on to the the business at hand:  walking the woods looking at where the hogs will be.

This will be nice and green at the time of reception.  We hope.

Next year there will be some great asparagus, this is the second year, it is  young and sweet, but not really ready this year.

So many herbs and so many things to do with them.

This is what Tangletown is known for, the landscaping is wonderful.  If you are in downtown Minneapolis, you will be seeing some of their great work.

There is so much to learn about farming.  Tangletown is doing some amazing things with finding a great model for production in a climate that is very challanging.

The rain contingency plan looks pretty good.