Ok ok. I know we haven’t been very forthcoming with the bike ride information to the August 22nd Tour de Farm picnic at Riverbend Farm. On the initial scouting ride we ended up somewhat lost and logging in 95miles on a soggy day. I think we learned some important things. We will be taking the Luce Line Trail out and then hooking up with a few county roads near Delano. We will meet in Medicine Lake at a small park to start. Initially we thought we could meet at the Birchwood, Modern, or Craftsman, but the path doesn’t start for real(meaning not on a well travelled auto route) until Medicine Lake. This will give us over 30 miles to Riverbend Farm. It will be about half cinder trail half county road. Road bikes are fine, cross bikes are good, any bike will work. We will move at a reasonable pace, probably 13-15mph. We will have at least one stop on the way for a bit of refreshment and for others to join for a shorter distance. The ride will be lead by Jim Grell, myself, and some other seasoned riders. We will ride back if we have enough interest. You will be responsible for getting yourself to Medicine Lake starting point and getting yourself home. We will post directions to the starting point in the next few weeks, but you can google the Luce Line and see for yourself. You may email me at mikeyp42@gmail.com with any questions regarding the bike ride. Please post any other questions about the day to the blog. It’s gonna be a fun ride for sure with much good food and libation.