Everything is set up at Tangletown Gardens Farm so we’re ready for our guests to arrive.  The chefs, Scott Pampuch from Corner Table and Michelle Gayer from Salty Tart were cooking up a pizza storm.  Wine was being served by Chuck Kanski, of Solo Vino and vodka was being provided by 44th Paralell and beer was served by the lovely ladies of Fulton Beer.  I would say that the day was so beautiful, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but there were lots of clouds; big fluffy white ones.

Photographs are the sole property of Kris Hase and can not be used without her permission.  You can, however, purchase prints if you like.

Let the pizza begin!

The eggs await their chance to get added to a pizza.

Scott intermingles the pizza with some fine pork products.

Pork products and pizza seem to be well liked.

Pork and pizza happen to go really good with beer too.

Then it’s time for the farm tours to start.

The tour is muddy but fun.

While the pizza making continues…

Next up, time to sit down for some dinner.