The guests have had their tours of Tangletown Gardens Farm and they’re ready for dinner.  The chefs, Scott Pampuch from Corner Table and Michelle Gayer from Salty Tart have raced back down to the field where the dinner is set up.  Wine is being served by Chuck Kanski, of Solo Vino and original infused beer is served by Brian from Fulton Beer.  We are ready for some yum.

Photographs are the sole property of Kris Hase and can not be used without her permission.  You can, however, purchase prints if you like.

Guess what?  Dinner starts with some bread and charcuterie on boards.  Niki starts with the slicing.

Umm… Garlic bread, yum.

Peas are a cooking for the 3 pea salad.

Some pea on pea on pea action with blue cheese and pork business sprinkled on.

While the diners are enjoying the salad Emily fries up the tempura, goat cheese stuffed squash blossoms.

Making Swiss meringue over an open fire with no electricity.  The meringue-a-thon begins.

Wine likes beer, beer likes wine – time to get hitched.

The meringue-a-thon hand off.

Catlin works on the soup assemblage.

The finished soup – cold beet & strawberry with a bit of house brewed ginger ale added in.  There’s that goat cheese stuffed tempura squash blossom on top.

Niki stars working the next course.

Scott continues the meringue-a-thon.

Oh, this is the next course… Time for pork. Hungry?

This is our new friend Chuck.

He came from Solo Vino in St. Paul.

We like Chuck.

So does everybody else.

Pork with potatoes cooked in cream & braised greens.

Brian from Fulton chatting about the beet green infused IPA – yum.  It goes really good with the pork.

I think they like the food.

Now we need to start on second dessert.  We like our ganache smoked.

Scott forgives Michelle for taking credit for the meringue.

The Salty Tartletts show off their new farm boots.

Pampuch throws down with the dulce.

Desserts always go better with fire.

Desserts also go better with wine.

This is dessert, shortbread cookie with dulce de leche, raspberries, fulton spiked gelato and swiss meringue.

The garnish for second desert.

Oh, this is second dessert.

Thank you everyone!

Fun was had by all, I say!