Welcome to Cedar Summit Farm.  Once again we got ourselves a beautiful day.  The chefs were Ben Pichler and Jim McIntosh from Grand Cafe.  Wine was brought by Chuck Kanski, of Solo Vino and  beer was provided by Jerrod Johnson from Surly.

Photographs are the sole property of Kris Hase and can not be used without her permission.  You can, however, purchase prints if you like.

(Warning, there are a lot of cows in these pictures.)

Mike Philips from the Craftsman stopped by to lend a hand for 12 hours or so. Forager Kathy was even so kind as to bring mushrooms with her.

I bet this brisket is going to come in handy later.

Getting appetizers ready for the people, this one was lamb.

We even got to have fresh made pizza again.

Surly Cynic is the beer for the appetizers and it’s perfect for our sunshiny day with pizza.

Dave Minar starts off the tours for the people while Flo minds the store.

Waiting for Dave.


We’ll wander over to dinner together.

The first wine Chuck brought is this Vino Verde from Portugal.

We always did wonder how Chuck managed to dress himself in the morning; it seems there’s lots of spinning.

But in the end he gets his spiffy new shirt on.

The first course, veal carpaccio with sorrel, tiny cucumbers and beets pickled that day.

Next up, Ben puts the finishing touches on the bread salad.


Mary from Grand Cafe raises her glass to the chefs and new friends.

The main course; brisket in BBQ sauce du jour with green beans, hen of the wood mushrooms, baby potatoes and gerkins pickled that day.

Having your picture taken with cows is all the rage in these parts.

The cheese course: Alemar Camembert style cheese, one fresh, one aged with housemade cracker, rhubarb paste and pickled ramp.

Ben topping of the chocolate pot o cremes that are about to be dessert.

This is our new friend Jerrod Johnson from Surly who is telling us about the Coffee Bender that’s being served with dessert.

They can be completely satisfied that their food makes good food.

Jim takes a moment with the cows.  It seems he wants to ride one.

Can you believe that nobody is looking at that sunset?

moonrise over cows

And they all lived happily ever after.