It’s all in the details. I rode out to Riverbend farm a few days ago with Jim Grell. We both decided it would be too difficult to try to navigate the Luce Line Trail before with 50-70 people before Medicine Lake so Medicine Lake it is. We will meet at 1740 Medicine Lake Boulevard East. There is a large parking lot there and bathrooms.

At 11:30 sharp we will head down the Luce Line at a 14-16mph pace. If its too slow or too fast we will adjust. There are 6 lead riders who can break up with groups if we need. We will have our first stop where Stubb’s Bay Road intersects the trail. There is a nice park there as well as parking lot and a bathroom. We will roll in there around 12:45-1pm. Some folks may join us there if they want. We will also have some refreshments and a snack. Next stop will be in Maple Plain at the Lyndale Park, near the Ox Yoke Inn on county road 92. Again there will be some refreshments, bathroom and a parking lot. We will be there between 1:45 and 2pm.

From there we will roll out for the final leg. We will take county road 26 to county road 20 or Watertown Road, and then north on county road 17 into Delano. If anyone needs a stop there we will, if not we will continue on Hwy 12 to Riverbend Farm. These roads have very wide shoulders and should not be too busy. The Luce Line trail is flat, but there are a few small rollers on the county roads. Luce Line is also a cinder trail. Road or Cross bikes are recommended. We should be able to make it to Riverbend by 3pm. It is about 12 miles from the end of the trail on paved road.

A word about hydration. Bring plenty of water, hydration drink, and drink plenty the days before. It could be hot. We will be able to refill at the rest places.

You should also carry an inner tube, a pump and tire levers. We are working on having a sag wagon to pick up those who have a mechanical or some trouble.

I think that’s it, but of course if you have any question email me directly.
See you on the trail