Tour de Farm: Rogotzke Family Farm

Gosh, this was an exciting dinner.  We even got to see the forest in the rosé.

We were so very lucky to share this beautiful day with each other and our guests at the Rogotzke Family Farm.  It could not have been lovelier.  Dave Rogotzke (maple syrup maker and salmon fisherman) shared with us more than his land,  he shared his passion and knowledge for the trees, his land, the water and his relationship with all things that live and breathe therein.  Then we were doubly blessed by fisherman, activist and author Steve Dahl coming and talking with us about the life and laws governing the fishing he does on Lake Superior.

The chef that made our beautiful dinner was Scott Graden from New Scenic Cafe.  Wine was brought by Chuck Kanski, of Solo Vino and  beer was provided by Lake Superior Brewing.

Photographs are the sole property of Kris Hase and can not be used without her permission.  You can, however, purchase prints if you like.

The blue lines you see behind the crew there are for the maple syrup sap to run down to the pump houses.

The guests arrive!

Beer guy and wine guy chat it up as folks arrive.

Yay!  Appetizers!

Lamb meatballs with pickled and fresh ground cherries.

These are root vegetables & duck breast skewers.

I highly recommend reenacting this one at home: tenderloin with horseradish creme fresh, chives and candied walnuts.  (They don’t have to even be candied.)

Scott introduces our hosts & cooks.

Dave Rogotzke welcomes everyone and tells about his maple syrup production.

Steve Dahl talks about his life fishing on Lake Superior and advocating for the right to fish for more varieties of fish in the lake.  (Did you know that there’s cod in Lake Superior.  We sure would like to try that but Steve can’t fish for them because he’s not from Canada.)

Scott Graden talks about the thing that makes these events so special: the people and what they’re doing.

First course, pork belly on puree of parsnips & apple.

Second course was corn chowder with squash and herring roe.

Hi Chuck!

This was a beet and green tomato salad with greens, braised leeks and a blue cheese made from goat’s milk.

This is how we celebrated Non-GMO day, with the wild salmon that Dave caught.

Herring that Steve caught wrapped in aged ham from Mike Phillips on wild rice, topped with herring roe and cream.

I sense wine geekery right here.

There’s always room for dessert!

Thank you everybody for making our summer season of Tour de Farm so special!

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