New Year’s Eve 2010 – How Local Will You Be?

So, by now, we hope you have heard that Tour de Farm is doing a New Year’s Eve dinner at a beautiful old barn in Glenco, MN.  We are amazed by how lucky we are to be able to celebrate the New Year and the fabulous food being grown & raised in Minnesota!

Getting ready for you!

We are going to start the night off with some warm mulled wine and hot apple cider. This will be a great time to get to know some of your dinner friends and mingle a bit while learning more about the farm.

Star Thrower Farm makes amazing cheese as well as some amazing Icelandic lamb meat. To learn more about the heard they have just check out the website.

We are going to start the night off with some very warm heriloom pumpkin soup using pumkin from our friends at Tangletown Gardens.

Next we will be having some great sausage that we are making this week at Corner Table. We are using herbs that were harvested by Debra from Star Thrower that they grew on thier property this year as well as garlic.

The next couple of courses, well, I don’t think I want to tell you everything right now, but there will be cheese, lamb, caramelized Brussels sprouts, lamb bacon, cream, and the dessert if going to have honey, ricotta and , of course, some great cheeses from Debra and Scott’s hard work.

The locals think you should wear wool, a lot of it.

If you can’t join us for the Tour de Farm Event, make a reservation for dinner at Corner Table. We are doing a three course dinner for $65 with wine pairings. Please call 612-823-0011 for reservations.

We can’t wait to spend New Year’s Eve with you!

Here is what the barn looks like as of Thursday.  Nice and warm.

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