New Years Eve

We said it would be magical… and it was.  Diners stepped down from their 74 seat carriage,  toured the facilities and then entered the toasty warm, beautiful barn all decked out in it’s New Year’s finery.

Not only was the barn beautiful but we were also serving charcuterie and bubbles.

Lovely volunteer Emily, is the meat tour guide.

Light of the Moon band played music for the arriving guests.

“It’s like walking into a fairy tale!  I’m enchanted!”  (That was an actual quote.)

Time to check on the cooks.  Colette looks like she’s having fun.

Niki likes the lamb because it’s pretty.

See?  Warm.  People were complaining about the heat.

Diners get to know each other before sitting down.

Hello Diners!

Pumpkin soup with creme fraiche.

Fresh lamb sausage with polenta and tomato jam… yum.

Rustica bread for everyone.

And now the cheese course, cheese makes Colette happy.

It was the cheese coming out of Scott’s mouth though.

The lady in the blue there is drinking the first beer she’s ever liked.  (Her husband is lamenting that it’s a beer that’sconsiderably more expensive than Coors Lite.)

Hey!  Are we all having fun!

The main course – lamb tenderloin, with Brussels sprouts and butter braised potatoes.

The cold might be getting to them.

Niki has a Zoolander Panda moment.

Sweetland Orchard’s apple cider goes with the egg nog cheese cake (made with sheep’s milk ricotta and goat cheese.)

I think I’m being thanked here.

And then Scott makes my job (and the server’s jobs) nearly impossible by pulling the plug on the lights.

Happy New Year!

Thank you everyone for such an amazing and beautiful once in a lifetime New Year!  (That’s right, it’s the one and only time we’re doing this!)

One thought on “New Years Eve

  1. We were amazed at the pics from the new years party!
    Deb. and Scott have done a super job on the old farm sted.
    I worked in that old barn for over 50 years and am so glad it is finding new use.

    Former owner
    Chuck Jensen

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