Tour de Farm takes adventurous eaters to the source of their food to celebrate local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it. We feature four Sunday supper events where diners feast at local farms and local chefs, farmers and food artisans collaborate to create amazing meals.

“Our goal is to gather people with their family, friends and new friends to share an experience that generations of farm families experience all the time.” said Scott Pampuch, Tour de Farm founder and executive chef of Corner Table restaurant in Minneapolis. “By celebrating the harvest, the goodness it provides and the toil at the hands of those who provide it, we hope people are inspired to consciously live and eat the way we should, naturally, healthy and as a family and community.”

Each four to five course meal with wine pairings will be served family style at a location on the farm. This restaurant without walls will use the idyllic farm setting for atmosphere and sounds of nature for ambiance. No electricity is used, so the events are expected to end around sunset when candlelight is needed.

“The simple elegance of the events is part of the experience. We want people to escape the city to unwind in a tranquil setting and appreciate the wonderful farms where our food is produced,” said Pampuch.

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  1. Looking forward to the events. My husband and I are attending two of the dinners. We couldn’t make it to last year’s Outstanding in the Field and are excited to be able to attend these dinners this year.

  2. I love this site. The opening picture of your website reminds me of our meal times at our farm when I was little and my Grandparents meals twice a month at their farm. My Grandparents and my Parents are home with the LORD. We don’t have the farm anymore. My Dad had a stroke in 1962 and we lost what we had. I am now surrounded with modern-hi-tech people who are afraid of nature and wildlife. I am looking to find a 10 acre track along some river here in Texas that is not contaminated. I grew up in our farm along the Upper Rio Grande when the water was not contaminated . Now it has every heavy metal that you can think. I would love to Tour one of your Farms soon. Do you have any Farms here in Texas? Thanks Professor Paul O. Briones

  3. This looks really cook and I’m so excited to try it this summer. I’m curious to know the difference between the “dinner” on the farm and the “picnic” on the farm. The prices are substanially different and I’m trying to decide which one to choose.

    Thanks for your help!

  4. Am so delighted to have discovered Tour De Farm. You are the epitome of what I would like to do on our farm in the Irish countryside. It is a relatively new concept in Ireland and I hope people will catch on. Thanks for the inspiration. Imen x

  5. Where does the biking to Delano farm begin in August? How many miles trip is it? Sounds like a lot of fun, but would appreciate more details! Thanks.

    1. Hey Deb, and everyone else wondering about the bike ride. I have talked with Mike Philips and he has ridden the route that we will take to the farm and Mike will be giving us an update on distance and time, and all the dirty details on the ride very soon. We will be having a midway stop point with beverages for everyone and then arrive at the farm for a great picnic. More details to follow in the next week. Scott

  6. Great concept and events. Have attended two and love the combination of unique food with rural settings. Would really appreciate it, as would others, if there were brief descriptions of the events posted on the website. Attended the Riverbend Farm family event last night and had no idea we needed to bring plates! Similar fate for a number of us last night. Those types of details would be greatly appreciated. Just two three sentences of key details would be great.

    1. Thanks and glad that you liked the picnic. For our first time, I was pretty happy with the outcome. Hopefully we took care of you and you were able to get fed that day. As far as the details for the event, we did do a welcome letter that everyone got, but at the same time, in the world of email, we are finding that our emails are getting caught up in some spam filters.

      What we would like everyone to do is to ad the @tourdefarmmn.com into the safe list in email software and we should not have the same problem as we have in the past.

      One reason that we can’t get all the information up on the blog is that there are some people that would just crash the party. It has happened and that is why we have tickets this year and a direct email about all of the details.

      Hope to see you in the future.

  7. I learned about this through volunteering at Chefs for Change! How neat! My parents live on a farm and raise two large gardens with everything you can imagine. How far do you travel to do these dinners?

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